How Long Can A Silicone Cup Last?

How long can a silicone cup last?

Regarding the question of how long the silicone cup can be used, let’s first understand the material of silicone. What is silicone?The silicone material is internationally recognized as a safe, non-toxic material, colorless and odorless, and is harmless to the environment. Because silica gel has excellent high temperature resistance, low temperature, water repellency, physiological inertness and other characteristics after vulcanization; so people make full use of the characteristics of silica gel in various fields, and silica gel has become a thing that can be seen everywhere in our lives.

Silica gel is divided into: general-purpose silica gel, high temperature and low temperature silica gel. Even the ordinary silica gel of solid silica gel, its instantaneous temperature resistance can reach 350 degrees Celsius, which means that the ordinary silica gel can be taken out in a high-temperature oven for one second, there is no problem. Moreover, the silicone cup has been tested to be safe to use between -40℃~240℃, and the silicone cup will not undergo physical or chemical changes!

How long can the silicone cup last? In fact, the above is already clear. The silicone cup can withstand a temperature of -40°C to 240°C. After vulcanization, the silicone has excellent high temperature, low temperature, water repellency, and physiological inertia. For people who buy silicone products, if they don’t know the service life and aging rate of silicone materials, they will doubt the safety of silicone products. According to the characteristics of various silica gels, under certain circumstances, the service life of silica gel can be as long as century. It can be guaranteed that it can be used for at least 10 years. Some people worry about whether the silica gel will change after using the silicone cup for so long. The answer is no. The properties of silica gel itself are very stable. Whether it is chemical properties or physical mechanical properties, changes with temperature are very small. Therefore, you can safely use silicone cups.

Post time: Aug-27-2020